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Welcome to
The Aziza Family

Our Story

Growing up in Naples, Italy, my parents took me all over the country where I was exposed to some of the most amazing artistic works in history.  I developed a deeply rooted appreciation for art, history and design.   

As both of my grandfathers were skilled craftsman in the building trade, they were also savvy entrepreneurs who  knew it was not about cutting corners, saving cost, or mediocre results,  it was about producing near perfect work that would withstand the test of time.    When I was not in school, they took me along to their worksites as an apprentice.   In time, I learned how to produce equally good results and started to develop my own clientele.  Soon I was doing odd jobs on my own with the same precision and care that my grandfathers had taught me.    Now fast forward many years.

With a business degree under my belt, years of manufacturing experience, and two sons who are growing quickly, I wanted to impart the same learning experience onto them as I had when I was a child.   I experimented with many difference approaches and venues, but still could not find the one “thing” that would engage them with the same passion and enthusiasm as I had as a child…..until now.  Hence, Aziza Bracelets was born.

Aziza Bracelets has allowed me to not only express my creativity in developing a brand and sharing my creations with all of you, but it has also provided a learning platform for my two sons to gain similar insights and appreciation for work, quality, and craftsmanship that I acquired growing up.   Eventually, my hope is that they will develop the same traits that I possess and carry the brand forward for generations to come.  And while "Aziza" is not Italian, it has Middle Eastern roots and means powerful or precious.  Both of these adjectives are not only fitting to describe the brand, but also to what it means to my family. 

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