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Gemstones are evaluated for symmetry

We are committed to delivering exceptional quality!

Our commitment is to deliver the absolute finest quality beaded gemstone bracelet you can find on the market.  We take great pride in designing something that we would proudly wear. 

Each gemstone bead in an Aziza Bracelet is hand selected for

  • Shape – must have good symmetry 

  • Polish – must have a consistent finish

  • Character – must distinctly exhibit the qualities of that stone

  • Drill hole – must be free of chipping around the hole 

  • Size - we measure the gemstone bead diameter to ensure continuity through the bracelet design

  • Complementing features – we look to balance how the features of one gemstone bead complements the features of the other beads in the design

Each 925 Sterling Silver or 22K Gold Vermeil Bead is carefully inspected to ensure

  • Weight – each line of bracelet has varying amounts of precious metal.  We ensure consistency within each line to provide you the same value across all similar bracelets.

  • Workmanship – each silver or gold bead is inspected for tarnishing, loose granules, imperfections that are not naturally occurring as part of the crafting process.

While no two beads, gemstone or precious metals, are alike, we design and hand-craft each bracelet to bring out the character in each component.  You can be assured that no matter the viewing angle of your bracelet, it will impress.

We are confident that if you have the same discriminating tastes we do, then you will love our bracelets.  We take time to deliver the best results and each bracelet is carefully hand-crafted to meet all of this criteria.  You will receive nothing short of perfect or we’ll gladly refund your money; no questions asked.

Gemstones, 925 Sterling Silver and Gold accents are weighed for consistency
Gemstones are carefully inspected under a magnifying glass

Gemstone beads are measured for symmetry

Gemstone beads are examined for imperfections

Precious metals are weighed to ensure consistency in each line

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